Ongoing Projects


Seeking to better organize my daily travel, I created a simple website to plan a trip and then save that trip as a calendar entry in Google Calendar. View version 1 here.

Eventually, I upgraded the project to a mobile website that reads in a Google Calendar and assists users in creating new calendar events with travel time between events with just a few clicks! Eventually I am hoping to make trip planning completely automatic based on the events in a user's calendar. Check out the development version here.



I created a full-stack website to crowdsource vehicle arrival times from users. Users indicate they are riding a vehicle and then OnTransit uses their position and time to calculate the delay of the transit vehicle. This project was submitted to the Hack My Ride 2.0 competition and won the Popular Choice Award.

The code for the project is open source on github.

Power Search

After being inspired with the search capabilities of google maps, I made my own power search tools to assist me in fast navigation to specific websites. Check out the power search tools I have made over here.


I made a website to track my weightlifting progress. Check it out here.

Epic Transit Journeys

Epic Transit Journeys has come a long way since the original version I had made on this website. Originally inspired by my own epic journey of taking public transit from Portland to Seattle back in 2007, I made a schedule of that journey and posted it on my website. Eventually I made numerous more schedules for a bunch of connections all over the Pacific Northwest. And most recently, I transfered these schedules into a wiki format at a seperate domain at Nowadays I mainly make sure the wiki isn't overrun with spambots but really ought to replace the default wiki picture with something else.

Past Projects

Tacoma Tomorrow

Tacoma Tomorrow is a transportation blog where I contributed articles and posts between March 2010 and October 2010. I covered a variety of issues related to Pierce Transit's system redesign as well as various other transportation related news around Tacoma and Pierce County.

Transit Geek

TransitGeek was part fun, part learning project for me with the goal being to make a better web directory and perhaps more items to better catalogue information about transit agencies.

One Bus Away

In Grad School in my Transportation Data class I worked on a team with Kari Watkins and Carl Langford. We created a website showing where you can go with just one King County Metro Bus. Since then, Brian Ferris took this idea to a whole new level on his version of One Bus Away.

Created: April 2008

Bus program for Palm OS

I figured out how to write java progrmas on my Palm Treo 700p. The program shows an offline schedule of one bus route on my Palm Treo 700p.

Created: September 2007

Bus program for Palm OS

Transit Infromation Kiosk

This was my first big venture into develop public transportation computer programs. This program runs on PCs (that have a java runtime environment installed). The program allows the user to quickly and easily select a bus stop and view the real-time bus arrival information for all King County Metro operated buses. In this user interface, searching for bus routes and stops is faster than using Metro's website and you can view real-time information for multiple bus stops at once.

Created: February 2007

Transit Information Kiosk

Amtrak Cascades Google Transit Feed

One night I was bored and decided to create a google transit feed for the Amtrak Cascades. It isn't complete with a shapefile, but in my defennse, that wasn't in the online API at the time. I did email Google this info, but they only accept Google Transit Feeds from transit agencies.

Also, in conjunction with this project, I wrote a computer program that translates a Google Transit Feed into a kml file that can then be viewed on Google Maps. Again, it doesn't have the shapefile, but it's a useful testing tool.

Created: December 2006